What is Your Journey Through Life Teaching You?

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

Your journey through life should be fresh and original. The journey itself is often just as significant and meaningful as the destination. Something unique happens along the way and these transformations are different for every person. Maybe on your route to becoming a nurse, you realize how much you love kids and get into pediatrics.

You might be working hard to become a football player but realize how much you like tax law. With just a few additional years of college, you could become a tax lawyer. More importantly, you’re thrilled to go to work each day. This kind of contentment is hard to find. You can’t buy it; you must develop it for yourself.

Do find people that you admire in the game of life and absorb all you can from them. Learning from others who have been down the same road can prevent you from making big mistakes. In every profession, you’ll find mentors who are excited to teach you what they’ve learned. This certainly benefits those willing. It can help you avoid costly detours. But there’s a fine line between learning valuable lessons from a great teacher and trying to copy someone else’s success.

You are an individual, completely unique. There’s no one else like you on the planet. Your personality, intelligence, talent, and skills are cultivated and grow as your life unfolds. Glean what you can from those great individuals around you, those mentors you encounter along life’s way, but stay true to who you are. Allow the great athletes you admire to influence your life, but progress at your own rate and in your own direction.

With many years as a well-known spiritualist leader and teacher in her field, Zhang Xinyue is known for a variety of achievements. Her creation of the Abundance system aims to promote a meaningful and straight forward approach to life’s philosophical issues. In 2012, she finished one of her best-selling books, Create Abundance. The book is a collection of quotes containing words of wisdom on how to develop body-mind-spirit cultivation.

Her book was initially released in Chinese, but it is also available in English and other languages now. A second version of the book has also recently been released.