What goes into a typical soccer back pack?

soccergarage2Written by Top Soccer Buy

Every player needs to pack their soccer backpack in advance of game day. But what actually goes into most players bags? Generally, a few factors determine what goes in, like is it a game day or practice, how important is the match, what’s the weather like. etc. Here is a rough breakdown of the average player’s pack their soccer bags:

Cleats – If it’s game day and you are wearing your cleats on the ride, then there should be a pair of spare cleats in the bag. If not, then two pairs of cleats.

Laces – Always carry extra laces. The one time your laces fray, you will need to have something to go to.

Gloves – A pair of field players gloves will be essential if it’s a cold weather game. Do not assume that you can play without gloves, unless you absolutely cannot stand the feel of them as you play.

Ball – Depending on how big your bag is, take a spare ball. You can use it during warm up and kick it around while others are still getting ready.

Socks, Guards, and Wraps – You can use the wraps on your cleats as well as your shins. The guards protect your shins and an extra pair of socks also helps.

Snacks – Another extremely useful thing to carry around are some power bars or protein bars.