Tips for organizing soccer team practice

Written by Soccer

Practice is the best way to get better at anything. In soccer, it helps to practice alone and with a team. It is easy to get a team together to practice outside of official practice. Get some replica soccer jerseys, balls, and other gear and organize a time and place. What is not so easy is to prepare a soccer practice session. Here are some tips for getting things organized for your team:

Cancellation calls

The problem with amateur teams and unofficial soccer practice is attendance. It helps to know how many players will turn up. Make it a rule that players send a message to one location if they can’t make it. If everyone is consistent, you will always have a good idea of how many people to expect.

Practice time

Get the team together at least ten minutes before practice and run them through the day’s program. Getting together early will get everyone in their cheap soccer uniforms, mentally ready, and allow you to start the drills on time. Players coming in late join the next drill and will have to sit it out until then.


Most often, you will not know how many players will turn up. Even with a cancellation message group, some players will forget. The other will intend on coming and get called up for something else at the last minute.