The guide to buying a pair of soccer cleats

Here is a quick guide to picking the right pair of soccer cleats:

Playing style

The first step is to determine your playing style. The soccer cleats you need will depend on what position you play and how you play. When you prefer to play in one position, it is because that style suits you the most. You could be a defensive player, midfielder, winger, or a forward. All of these positions have different styles that will benefit from a specific kind of shoe.

Playing surface

The shoes you need change based on the playing surface. You get firm ground, soft ground, artificial, hard ground, and turf shoes. You can get Adidas soccer shoes for different surfaces. Always buy shoes for the surface you play on the most.


When it comes to materials, there is Kangaroo leather, natural and synthetic leather, fully synthetic, and mesh. Choose the material based on your preference. If you have ever worn proper soccer shoes, you have something to compare against the other materials. Some newer models do not carry other materials, but even so, you can even buy older editions.


Once again, the weight of the shoes will fall to personal preference. It is not advisable to wear shoes too heavy or too light, but that range will depend on your weight, speed, acceleration, and position. Often, players will find the ultra-light shoes too light, so find a pair that is light but provides enough feel of the surface.