A Review of Two Top Soccer Cleats: Which is Best for You?

When your play style reaches a higher level, you begin to notice that the average store bought soccer cleat isn’t going to cut it anymore. That’s when names like the adidas copa mundial begin to speak to you, but you may not be sure of exactly how cleats are going to perform on the pitch. You may have heard that a certain boot was better than your current cleat, but do you honestly know how it stacks up?

Here are some thoughts on what you can expect with some of the hottest boots on the market, and tips on how to choose the right one for you.

Adidas Copa Mundial

What it Feels Like: The boot fits a bit longer than your average soccer shoe, but the Copa Mundial’s kangaroo leather is unmistakable. It conforms nicely to the foot and you get great traction and control on the pitch. Technology is where you won’t notice much difference, or maybe you will notice the lack of it. This boot isn’t fancy in the modern sense, so no sensors or parts chosen for weight. The basic design works in its favor, not to its detriment.

Who it’s Best For: Players who want that classic feel. It’s an excellent all-around shoe and a top seller in most regards. However, the traditional style might be lost on newer generations of players who have heard a lot about strike points that improve shot power. Those players may want the upgraded Predator Instinct.

Adidas Predator Instinct

What it Feels Like: The Predator Instinct has several areas on the boot that are covered in rubber. Adidas calls these power points, some might call them a slight nuisance. It’s also a heavier boot if you’re used to using lightweight cleats, but that’s not a bad thing for someone with power behind their shot. The wider sole plate provides a flatter base, which is good for pivoting.

Who it’s Best For: This boot is designed for offensive players who need to work on their striking. The cleats won’t turn you into the next David Beckham, the difference you may feel is slight if noticeable at all. But that’s the idea. This cleat is designed with the idea of reinforcing the fundamentals you’ll need as a striker. Those strike points? Those are designed for specific contact and ball control. The cleats won’t make you better, but using them might.

Final Thoughts

For most players with no particular aims, the Copa Mundial offers an excellent and versatile choice. Great for people who want to play any position, rely on fundamentals and want a boot that is designed to conform perfectly to the foot. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes on the market, but not much has changed since its 1975 release. The Predator Instinct offers a boot designed to build on the fundamentals needed for great striking. Both shoes can make a difference in higher level play, but the offensive minded player may want to consider the Predator Instinct over the Copa Mundial.